"device enc" config issues.. And stalled boot on built 7/18/ snapshot

  • Hey guys, when attempting to build a wrap embedded image, at first the kernel refused to build because it was unaware of what an "enc device was or how to build it. I figured might as well give it a shot and commented that line out, it built, but now the image hangs at "Starting device manager (devd) …" on boot.  So I guess I really have two questions, first, what do I need to do to get enc support, second, could that be causing the boot stall, and if not, what could? (Last working image I tried was a prebuilt beta4 from your servers, that worked fine on the WRAP board I'm using).

    edit Eh, RC1 works too... Would it be the 7/18 snapshot or my particular build?


  • Your build.

    We do not support custom builds.  All I can tell you is to make sure your tree's are up to date.

  • Ok, thanks, just checking to make sure it was something on my end.