How do find out if squid is working th way it should be?

  • Hi this is a newbee question:

    I went through all the steps to install squid in the transparent mode. To be honest, I don't see much difference in speed. It has been couple of days now that the squid is working. Is there any way to test squid, to see if it is building cache and the pictures on the web page is coming from a cache rather than fetching from internet.

    I am totally new to squid and freebsd etc.

    Thanks all.

  • Make sure that the package logging is turned on in the GUI Services/Proxy front page.  Tick the box 'enable logging'.  Browse to some sites.  Go back to pfSense GUI and go to Diagnostics / edit file and open /var/squid/log/access.log (the default file name).  Look for TCP_HIT and TCP_MISS - hits are served from cache.

    Alternatively, you could increase the max item size to something like 10MB + and download an application/ISO/whatever.  Make sure it has never been downloaded before.  Try it again from a different PC and see if you get LAN-like speed (2MB/sec+) during the download.

    Last option, go to and make sure that Squid <version>shows up below your IP.</version>

  • Firebug a mozilla's plugin. this will show you the X-Cache header and anything else you might need to take a look. specially with their time response.

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