Setting Serial-Console-Output higher than >9600

  • HiHo

    i have an old nexgate nsa-1035 appliance and pfsense doesn't want to work on it.

    BIOS-Settings for serial-bauds only allow 57600 or 115200, no setting for 9600 :(

    How can i tune pfsense.iso to output with the correct rates during booting and installation?

    Problem is, i see the boot and POST-screen in hyperterm/putty etc until pfsense loads the menu. Than it goes blank :/

    I have no idea how i could get in running. Hope you can help me :)


  • You could try to mount the disk elsewhere (in a machine where you have vga/console access) and edit /etc/gettytab
    Look for:

    and change the 9600 to 57600

    I haven't tried this, and the file might get overwritten.

  • If you can't move the disk to a temporary machine with a console to do the installation, you could follow these guides to modify the ISO content, and generate a modified ISO, to be burned to a disk as usual or written to a USB flash drive:,14763.0.html
    You need a FreeBSD host machine to do this on, but I believe a liveCD would work.  AFAIK, you need to add or change a line:
    in the /boot/loader.conf file on the ISO.  Not sure why it falls to 9600, since the loader man page indicates it should honor the existing speed:

          Defines the speed of the serial console (i386 and amd64 only).
          If the previous boot stage indicated that a serial console is
          in use then this variable is initialized to the current speed
          of the console serial port.  Otherwise it is set to 9600 unless
          this was overridden using the BOOT_COMCONSOLE_SPEED variable
          when loader was compiled.  Changes to the comconsole_speed
          variable take effect immediately.

    regards ….. Charlie

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