Soekris board + full install + packages

  • Hello

    I am thinking to utilize a Soekris Engineering net5501 board with(, case + 2.5inch sata or SSD hd + PFsense Full installation with some packages like squid,squidguard,imspector.

    This will serve about 30 clients for internet surfing.Does anyone has some experience about this?
    Does it work stable or if there's something i should notice??

    Thank you

  • I know you posted this ages ago, but since no one answered and others may be interested in trying
    this configuration I'll share with you my experience.

    I did a full pFsense install in Soekris net4801 with a 2.5" Hard disk.
    Twice i suffered corruption issues with the disk. After searching the net it seems
    the corruption issues were due to heat build up. The unit was very warm to the touch, and
    this unit was running in my basement which is always pretty cool all year round.

    I now have pFsense running an embedded install to a 340mb Micro drive I had lying around.
    The device has been stable ever since.

  • can you install with packages though?  i am in a similar boat to the OP :(

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