Fiber DHCP WAN + /29 Subnet

  • I am running a Fiber to the home connection on my PFSense VM. This connection is a PPPoE connection so it gets an IP address from a DHCP. This runs on vlan6, which is a pretty standard fiber connection here in The Netherlands.

    But i also have a IPv4 /29 subnet (on this same PPPoE connection) Which is way less standard.

    Normally when using a connection with a static IP and you would have a /29 subnet you would just add these five IP addresses under ALIAS IP. When i do add them as ALIAS and i try to ping them i get TTL expired in transit. Yes i have added a rule for ICMP, i am perfectly able to ping the IP address the PPPoE DHCP gave me.

    But this doesn't work in my situation, could somebody tell me how to add my five static IP addresses to my PPPoE connection?

    Many thanks in advance!

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