Sun smb quad giga lan not supported

  • hello

    i am new on pfsense/bsd

    i have reg on a second ISP and tried to install pfsense on a box

    amd 2100+
    1go ram
    160 go IDE

    mb has one 10/100 nic and i have added a sun smb quad giga

    the installer has asked for vlan and listed one unic nic and didn't let me install pfsense
    launching the nic detector had the same issue

    so i have put a linux installer and it has detected the nics has national semi conductor DP83065 [saturn]

    i have read the capable hardware list and some sun quad nics were listed there but mine wasn't recognized

    is there a simple way to fix the situation



  • Linux != FreeBSD

    What version of pfSense did you try?

  • hello Cry Havok

    i have tried the both live cd installer : 1.22 and 1.23

    and i have got the same issues



  • Things to try:

    1. Grab a FreeBSD 7.2 Live CD and see if that detects it
    2. Grab a FreeBSD 6.4 Live CD and see if that detects it

  • thanks Cry Havok

    i will do it at night and post the result (i hope it will recognize it)


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