URL redirection problem

  • Hi Guys.

    I'm done installing squid and squidguard and it works perfectly okey.  Now, if somebody opens a blocked site it will appear the Error Page if you set it in redirect mode "int error page (enter error message)" under ProxyFilter squidguard default tab.  I want to change it into "ext url redirect (enter url)" redirect mode.  I'm confuse if what would be the correct local url.  Here's the url i entered –> file://fileserver/redirection_page/blockedpage.html  . Is this valid/correct?  Because if I saved it, it has an error message:

    •Redirect info error. Valid URL expected, but 'file://fileserver/redirection_page/blockedpage.html' found.

    What would be the correct/valid local url am i gonna use? Please help.


    • Alex

  • Valid URL is http://…

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