1 x Dual NIC Vs 2 x single NIC - Any preference?

  • Hello.

    Is there any preference?

    Currently running a dual Intel NIC which has been fine but appliance is running a little odd with reboots needed throughout the day (unable to ping pfsense) other hardware tests fine so going to replace NIC.

    The current NIC was an ebay special, worked fine for 2 years. Could have been thrashed to within an inch of its life, I have no idea.

    Will now be buying new Intel ones.

    If running a dual NIC, Can I assume you are miniming the chance of failure comapared to two cards or even if you are, any benefits of running two seperate NIC's.

    Stay Safe.

  • Netgate Administrator

    Pretty much no difference on anything vaguely recent with a PCIe bus.

    I single NIC probably has fewer components so statistically less chance of failure.

    2 single NICs probably spreads the heat better reducing the chance of failure.

    I would not be concerned about either.