basic network secure settings for using a switch without pfsense or router

  • So i just want to know if i want to put a switch before my router if i need to enable some sort of firewall on it i finally had my old pc go out that was runnning pfsense and until i get another old one ready i want to create 3 seperate networks using three routers im not good at creating seperate networks so i was just going to put a switch on the main internet then use routers for each seperate network but does the switch need to enable the firewall @johnpoz this switch is the same one in vlans no switch you talked me through how to setup my switch in pfsense along time ago i think dlink dgs-1100-08 just hopeing you can help me with security side of this because i remember someone saying misconfiguring a switch is a network security nightmare:)

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    I take it you want to do something like this?


    Keep in mind your other 2 routers are doing nat I take it?

    Keep in mind while your 2 downstream network would be able to get to anything they want on 192.168.0 in such a setup - if your going to put devices on that network.

    1 couldn't get to 2, and 2 couldn't get to 1, and 0 wouldn't be able to get to 1 or 2.. Without setting up port forwarding on these other routers.

    I would never suggest such a setup.. But if if that is what you have to work with until you get a new pfsense.. Yeah it can work.. It's a mess, but sure it can work.