Domain forwarding ???

  • Hi!

    i have 2 server on local network and
    i have make the nat configuration and when some one  call ssh service for it works and he can see the server ( have the external internet static ip on the dns records but is on my local network ) …

    What i must to do to make the same for ? (i have give to this domain the same ip with server1 )is any way that pfsense can understand the domain from request and make the right redirection of port 22 ?

    Thanks in advance .

  • This can't be done with SSH, no. If you only have one external IP you'd either have to use a different port for server2, or use the pfSense box as a shell server and ssh from there.

  • So .. if i want this to work i must have 2nd static ip to bind it with my second domain ? and pfsense can understand the request so can route the ssh port deopends the domain(static ip) ?

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