WAN Routing Rules

  • I have a pfSense 1.2 multiwan setup configured and running as follows

    LAN (192.168.10.x)
    WAN (192.168.162.x)  & OPT1 (192.168.1.x)

    WAN default gateway (
    OPT1 default gateway (

    I have two gateways on the WAN (192.168.162.x) network and I want to route packets from the LAN destined for via an alternative gateway on the WAN network (

    I can't see how to add an additional gateway in the rules configuration screen.

  • I don't think it's possible to do policy routing this way in 1.2.x, but apparently it is an added feature in 2.0.

    However, you could just create a static route for that IP/subnet via the other gateway. Or if the routers all support it, use RIP.

  • As ktims wrote: static routes are your friend :)

    A "kind of ugly" solution would be:
    1: Create in the loadbalance-config a failoverpool with a single dummy-entry.
    2: Download the config.xml and moddify the dummy to the gateway you want (make sure you have a monitor IP which is pingable).
    3: Restore the config.xml and you should now be able to select this failoverpool from the dropdown in the firewall-rule config.

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