• Hi everyone,

    Here is my issue with pfsense, i have a server with ad, dhcp,dns and a server with sccm, wds , wsus. when i try to image a new system it get the boot file and it starts to run wds and indicates windows is starting but then i get no windows image. if i reboot the pfsense system and start the image on the system i get it to image and it bring the windows system up and start to image before pfsense get back up and running. How can i get this to work with pfsense? Thanks

  • Are your servers (WDS, SCCM and WSUS on different subnets than the clients trying to use them, if so are your firewalls allow all between subnets or do you have specific rules?

    I can confirm i have WSUS configured and working at home, I've not used WDS in a long time and SCCM is too vast for my home lab.

    Screenshots and errors may help if you can provide them along with some additional information about the setup, if there are VLANs and firewall rules between client and host.

  • @rod-it hello no all servers are on the same subnet.

    I try the info on adding the boot file location and option 66 and 67.
    That did not work

    So i have which firewalls and everything is working under the other firewall so not sure why pfsense would not work.

    No special rules on either firewalls.

  • @dedwards

    But are your servers on different subnets than the clients you are trying to deploy to?

    Do the services work if you have a client on the server subnet, if so, you need to look at firewall rules or routes if your clients VLANs are not controlled by Pfsense

    If traffic is passing between multiple firewalls, try checking the rules between the two or doing a packet capture against the server IP to see what is happening.

    A screenshot of your server and client firewall rules may also help

  • @rod-it
    The clients and servers are all on the same subnet.
    Layout is Vmware - Server 2016 (AD,DHCP,DNS) Static IP- Server 2016 (SQL, WDS, WSUS, SCCM) Static IP
    Physical system - Lenovo workstation. Gets IP +DNS+GW from DHCP server.

    Router - Gw

    This same configuration works when i an using sophos UTM but does not work with pfsense

  • What is, is this your PfSense?

    If not, change your clients GW to the PfSense box and try again

    If everything is flat, then there should be no firewall issues

  • @rod-it
    Hello is the gateway and all clients have that as the gateway as that is the way the scope is setup when the clients get an ip address from DHCP.

    I had pfsense all setup the same way and the clients where using that as the gateway but i could not get the the systems to image when using sccm.

    That is why i have switched over to the other gateway as there is not problems with imaging systems.

    I will play around with pfsense another time.

    Thanks for trying to help.

  • @dedwards There is something else going on here. With all on the same subnet, PFSense would not be involved unless it was doing something like DHCP when you already have DHCP through your servers. If the client picks up DHCP, for example, from PFSense instead of your DHCP server, it could end up in the wrong subnet and so not see your servers, causing a failure. So make sure that PFSense is not providing any DHCP. Only other thought, if you have more than one LAN port on your PFSense and are using them instead of a dedicated switch. PFSense is not a switch; each lan port is a different network. Other than that, I don't see how PFSense, or any router, would have any influence on what you are doing, as everything you have setup is on the same network. PFSense would not have any bearing here; firewall rules would affect the connection to the internet, but nothing between clients on the same subnet. Whatever switch you are using, is connecting your servers to your clients and that's it. You don't even need a router for what you are attempting to do with WDS.