Noob needs help with simple QoS setup

  • Hi, the more i read, the more my head hurts, ive tried following 3-4 seperate guids, but they are either outdated or doesnt do what i need them to do

    my problem is really with my ISP, because when i max out my download rate (my fiberline is 300/300), my upload rate drops significantly, and ping in games fly through the roof even if its supposed to be a full duplex line, so what im trying to do is just limit my total bandwith to about 97% both ways to see if that helps,

    Every time i try following the built in wizard my bittorrent and similar traffic gets limited to only 20% total speed, but i want that to have the full line when noting els is in use, but get deprioritized by games/web browsing and other simliar stuff, not just limit it to the bottom att all times
    I have tried setting the wizard up with both "deprioritizing" bittorrent trafic and just not deprioritzing, both end up with the same results

    not sure what els you need for information, but just let me know and ill provide what i can, sorry if this has been asked about before, ive tried searching for weeks on and off without getting any better understanding for what i need to do

    Got decent hw in a dedicated box, 1 WAN and 2 LAN (had 3 before, but that was dedicated to IPTV and not in use anymore)

    HW Specs

  • Try this pfSense Hangout:

    Build the limiters/queues, save/apply, and then reset all states at Diagnostics\States to put the policy into effect.

    I used it to drop my 400/25 line to a 100/10 to see just how little I can get by with for my one-person home. No need for 400 here, short of bragging rights. Comcast contract comes up in 2 moonths.

  • This post (in the long thread on FQ-CoDel) is also very helpful and provides setup instructions:

    Hope this helps.

  • testet the limiter, easy to set up, and did its job, but i still get timeout and high ping, but that must be an isp problem, because it happens even when i limit to half the speed that i have, not sure what i can do with that on my end?

  • okay, ive done some more testing, first of the simple guide had a setting wrong, not a big problem, you need to set "tail drop" instead of "FQ_Codel" in the "Queue Management Algorithm"

    the limiter works for everything BUT what i need that sucks

    Why doesnt GLFTP encrypted file tranfer get limited when everything els does?
    Is there a way to fix this? or limit that whole host/interface

    ive tried enabling the limiter directly to the passive ports, and to the "lan allow all" rule for that interface as well as the standard floating rule, but noting works on that traffic

  • not sure if it matters, but found out its not just glftp, seems like all FTPS traffic is a problem (happening when using filezilla on a windows machine also)