Domain-name connects with backup server instead of master server

  • HA/CARP with two identical servers is working fine on itself.
    Both master and backup server each have 2 separate uplinks with 2 separate gateways, each server with its own (uplink) ip addresses, but both using the same 2 gateways.
    Also the CARP ip addresses on both servers are the same.

    In the DNS settings however I only refer to one of both uplinks.

    When I connect to the ip address of the master server, I indeed get connected with the master server

    However, when I try to connect to the master server with the corresponding domain name, which refers to exactly the same master server ip address, I get connected to the backup server with the message "Potential DNS rebind attack detected". Though there is not any reference to the ip address of the backup in the dns settings at all.

    What might cause this?

  • @maartenv
    FOUND IT! My hostname was wrong. I forgot to set the right hostname in the "General Setup"