Simple Routing - Just can't get it right!

  • I have been beating this thing up with no luck.  Please help!

    I need pfsense to do a simple routing for me…I've got a /22 of public IP's and my Upstream provider has them routed to an IP on a different subnet.  I need to simply route between them...I don't need firewalling...but might use it in the future if I could get this darn thing to work!

    Upstream: Gateway IP where my public IP's are routed too.


    My Computers on my /22: /22

    I can ping the gateway and a public IP from the WAN, I can ping my computers through the LAN they are setup right...I just can't get them to route so I can see the internet from my computers.

    Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!!!


  • NAT > Outbound
        Check manual outbound > Click save
        Delete the rule > Click Save

    Verify the clients are using the pfSense LAN 200.200.200.x interface as their gateway.
    Create an allow rule on the WAN interface to allow unestablished traffic into the network for hosting.

    Verify route is being sent to you by sourcing a ping from your inside pfSense address.
      Get to a shell on the pfSense machine (ssh or console option 8).
      Issue ping command with -S source option. ( ping -S 200.200.200.x )
      Success will verify that traffic directed to 200.200.200.x is being sent back to your firewall.

  • Worked like a charm!!  Thanks so much!