OPENVPN multiple clients with failover

  • Hi there, i hope this is an appropriate place to ask this question, i configured few dozen openvpn clients in pfsense, then i configured firewall to let all traffic go trough them, i've also configured gateway group, my problem is that if i disable gateway group in the lan firewall, when openvpn client becomes unresponsive, it doesn't switch to another client, on other hand if i use gateway group, it works as intendent, unresponsive clients switch to the ones that work, but in the dnsleaktest it shows multiple dns servers from different openvpn clients, does this mean that i'm connected to multiple openvpn clients and all of them also have dns servers, if so, how can i limit amount of active connection so my pc will communicate only with 1 openvpn client at the time, while pfsense does all of the failover stuff? I'm new to all of this stuff so my terminology is lacking, sorry in advance.