• Hi
    I installed pfsense on a PC and it worked fine but the last couple of days it keeps crashing once a day and it won't restart.
    I get the crash reports but Im new to pfSense so I don't really understand what fails.
    Anyone can tell me what's wrong?



  • LAYER 8

    panic: spin lock held too long
    spin lock 0xffffffff83517de8 (smp rendezvous) held by 0xfffff8012013a620 (tid 100458) too long
    timeout stopping cpus

    what i found on the net is that basically the cpu is entering a loop until it crashed

    check for bios upgrade or try pfsense 2.5.0
    a memtest is never a bad idea

  • @kiokoman
    Thanks Ill check and see if that works!

  • @kiokoman I checked my ram with memtest and one was faulty.
    I restarted the router but it froze today.


  • LAYER 8

    this one is about nvme0
    it's an NVMe disk drive?
    could be some kind of bug on the NVMe driver, Idk, maybe files are corrupted due to your previous defective memory?
    make a backup of your config, do a clean install of pfsense and restore the backup

    nvme0: cpl does not map to outstanding cmd
    cdw0:00000000 sqhd:006a sqid:0004 cid:0078 p:1 sc:00 sct:0 m:0 dnr:0
    nvme0: Missing interrupt
    nvme0: Resetting controller due to a timeout.
    nvme0: resetting controller
    nvme0: aborting outstanding i/o
    nvme0: resubmitting queued i/o
    nvme0: WRITE sqid:4 cid:0 nsid:1 lba:44142 len:1
    spin lock 0xffffffff83517de8 (smp rendezvous) held by 0xfffff8013b7e9000 (tid 100414) too long
    timeout stopping cpus
    panic: spin lock held too long

  • @kiokoman Ive done this and I'm gonna wait and see what happens.

    Ps. That was the simplest and the smoothest restore process of any restore Ive ever done in my whole life.