Changelog: When did ipnat source randmization patch?

  • I've browsed the pfsense web site looking for a changelog. If there is one, it's not generally easy to find.

    When did pfsense start using the ipnat source port randomization patch from FreeBSD CVS?

    I tried to use pfsense before, but it was problematic with some applications. It didn't like some UDP peer-to-peer connections, such as the Hamachi VPN. Some of these applications worked after setting up static ports and doing port-mapping, but on a network with many machines, this is very difficult to individually setup.

    Therefore, I switched to m0n0wall 1.233 or 1.3b13, which do not use the ipnat source port randomization patch. Subsequent versions of m0n0wall do, however.

    Is there a way to disable the "ipnat source port randomization patch" in the current version of pfsense?

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