IPv6 WAN IP showing up on 'whatismyip' type sites?

  • So a question... I've been operating IPv6 and IPv4 dual stack for quite some time (with everything working flawlessly) and just now noticed something. When I go to a 'whatismyip.com' type of site, where it tells you the public IP addresses you are accessing the site from, my IPv4 address is always my WAN IP as expected (due to NAT) however it's also telling me my IPv6 public address is my router WAN IP, even though I have a /48 routed to me from my ISP and nothing is set up to NAT/NPt.

    I would have expected my actual public LAN v6 address issued to me from DHCPv6 on pfSense to be what appears on the website... do I somehow have NAT configured for IPv6 when it doesn't really need to be, or is this somehow default behavior? I couldn't find anything in my configuration reflecting such.

  • LAYER 8

    uhm not default, i see my machine ipv6 address on that site assigned by dhcpv6 with he.net tunnel broker

  • So I am running multi-WAN, and I do have NPt set up to translate my /48 with an HE.net /48 on my backup connection, and I see the same behavior you posted a screen shot of. I tried removing the NPt rule and still observed the same behavior on my primary WAN (IPv6 address being reported as the router WAN IP, not my desktop IPv6 address)

    Any suggestions on things I could check or this just a side effect of using multi-WAN and gateways w/fail-over?