Multi-WAN for XP by using VMWARE and PFSENSE

  • Hello,

    I have one main computer runs Windows XP, it has two WANs (USB or PCMCIA), one
    is 3G/3.5G USB dongle that could have driver from freebsd, another one is wireless
    without driver from BSD.

    Is it possible that I install Pfsense under VMWARE of this XP, and perform multi-WAN
    functions for redundancy - if one WAN is disconnected then another WAN is used for
    internet connection?



  • Why so complicated?
    You can set multiple "default gateways" under windows XP.
    Set both gateways as default gateway with different metrics.
    The lower the metric, the higher the priority. If one interface is down it will switch to the next default gateway.

  • Hello GruensFroeschli,
    Thanks for advice.  there has other consideration that we see if pfsense can be utilized while under Windows VM. first need to solve is to have network supported from VM while running Pfsense.