• Dear All, I tried to setup pfsense firewall with cloudflare dns where my ISP block it. How to set to obtain DNS automatically from ISP server?

  • Cloudflaire is a resolver and uses .... the Internet root servers.
    Your ISP resolves ans is using the .... the Internet root servers.
    Why wouldn't you want to use the Internet root servers ?!

    There is nothing to try, by default pfSense uses the the Internet's root servers, as it is meant to be.
    So, good news : change nothing and everything works out of the box.

    I presume that your ISP won't block access to these root servers,as it would be a major reason to stop all commercial relations with them.

    Btw, in the past, "ISP boxes" obtained a WAN IP and a couple of DNS servers from your ISP. All the info is available in the DHCP request your box made when it connected to your ISP. You can check this option to obtain the same behaviour :


    but why would you use your ISP's DNS's ? Or the ones from some one else ? If you can get the info from the source.