• Hello,

    I have a multi-wan installation. WANA is a slow satellite connection. WANB is a fast cellular connection. The WANA is connected to the satellite and WANB port on pfSense is connected to a LAN port of a MikroTik router. The MikroTik's WAN port is connected to the LAN port of the cellular modem. (Yes, I know, double-nat or more). But things work well.

    The reason for the MikroTik's use is that it runs a L2TP client to a VPN provider, thus bypassing the video streaming resolution limits of the cellular provider. It does not support OpenVPN using TLS hence I have to use L2TP.

    I have gateway monitoring enabled. Everything runs great but when the cellular modem reboots (due to loss of a signal/whatever), it causes the VPN connection to go down. When the modem is back up, the connection is good again and the VPN comes up also. However pfSense no longer sees the connection as being good.

    The monitoring IPs I have are and I also tried the PPP server side address of the VPN which is Both of these will respond to ping requests but pfSense continues to not seem them after the VPN goes down and comes back up in the MikroTik. If I turn off the VPN and reboot the modem, the connection comes back up and pfSense sees it. So something with the VPN causes dpinger to not see the connection come back up properly.

    I can go into diagnostics and ping and other addresses through WANB and replies come back. It's just that dpinger no longer sees the connection properly.

    I have tried messing with thresholds and payload size but nothing works.

    The only thing that seems to work is if I stop and start the dpinger service.

    I have set up a cron manager in pfSense. I would like the command to stop and start dpinger properly. I can set up the schedules without a problem. Just need to know what is the command to start dpinger. Or stop and start or just restart.

    I seem to have run out of options trying to fix this in a different way.

  • See https://forum.netgate.com/post/922843. I set up the simple script for that client and a cron job, every half hour as "/usr/bin/nice -n20 /usr/local/bin/php-cgi -f /root/gateway_check.php". Note if you don't use the cron package the job will disappear...I think it was at the next boot, if not the next pfSense upgrade.