• Hi there,

    since a few weeks I'm running pfSense on two identical boxes configured as HA with a bunch of interfaces, one of them dedicated for HA/sync.

    Everything works like a charm for a while - all changes on master are synced to the slave, CARP VIP Master/Backup works and so on.

    All of a sudden - after a simple configuration change on the master - I'm getting
    "A communications error occurred while attempting to call XMLRPC method"
    From that point on, some changes on master do sync to the slave, others don't and do trigger the XMLRPC error. Sometimes nothing syncs anymore.

    Unfortunately XMLRPC doesn't tell me what fails and why.

    I've been there about five to six times over the last couple of weeks with no way out. The only recovery I found so far is to restore both, master and slave, to last known good config from backup and go on from there - very frustrating.

    What's the proper way to tackle problems like this?

    If this has been discussed before, please point me to that since I couldn't find it.

    Thank you.