• hello all,

    I have a small unifi network deployment (16 remote locations) and a cloud key controller that sits behind my sg-3100. I have series of nat / port forward rules setup that have worked flawlessly for the last 2 months but as of today 8443 and 8090 no longer work. I removed and re-applied the rules and used canyouseeme.org to test. A half dozen other ports work just fine but for whatever reason 8443 and 8090 are giving me issues. Any advice or insight on how I can better troubleshoot or identify the issue?

    Thanks All!

  • LAYER 8

    first, are you sure there is something listening on that port? can you access it from inside that network?
    second, you can enable logging for that firewall rules and see if packet are hitting the rules on the firewall log
    third, you can use packet capture to see what's happening