DNS Issues

  • Sup peeps.

    I havent used pfSense in a long time because ive been out of the states. I am currently running v 1.2.3-RC1.

    Basically my connection requires me to manually add the "DNS" for me to get online or else I get something along the lines of what you guys know of as captive portal. I basically have to bypass the DNS to do anything :P Please dont ask :(

    Pfsense is having a problem getting packages etc because it cannot connect to my DHCP client because im not sure where to add my DNS at on the GUI so that it can grab what it needs too etc. I looked through WAN interface and didn't see any options.

    I attempted adding it in Services>DHCP server> Then under DNS manually adding my public DNS, I can get online just fine, but I just cant get pfsense to pull packages etc.

    If someone knows what I can do please assist.

    Thanks so much!!! :D

  • System > General Setup > DNS Servers

  • @blak111:

    System > General Setup > DNS Servers

    Wow, I reversed it. I meant to post Sytem > General Setup > DNS Servers. Sorry…..

    Same issues, no worky :(

  • Did you uncheck the option to allow override from DHCP servers?

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