Usermanager again broken

  • When I create a new user "hannes" with the Webinterface, the user seems to be created, but login with this user doesn't work.
    Looking at /home/user, I see that all directories and files /.ssh/authorized_keys are owned by root.

    So chown or chgrp don't work.
    A passwd hannes resolved:

    passwd hannes

    passwd: hannes: no such user

    pw usershow admin

    admin:*:0:0::0:0:Admin User:/home/admin:/bin/sh

    pw usershow root

    root:*:0:0::0:0:Charlie &:/root:/bin/sh

    pw usershow hannes

    pw: no such user `hannes'

    When I do by hand a pw user add hannes, I can do all missing things and all is ok.

    So users are created only in the webIF, not in the system. :(

    Version is: 2.0 built on Mon Jun 15 19:27:36 (CD install)

  • You choosed user has shell access?!

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