Problems on Compaq Deskpro EN SFF

  • I'm using the latest pfSense from cvs sync (RC2).
    My hardware is:
    Compaq Deskpro EN Small Form Factor P2-350 MHz 128 MB Ram 6,4 GB HDD, 3 NIC's, 2 Intel NIC's and 1 Realtek NIC.
    I'm having some strange issues with pfSense on this hardware. pfSense is running on a 10 Mb/s synch. connection. Everything works until the load gets high. It happens especially when using FTP transfers. pfSense just freeze when using FTP transfers. Anyone has simmilar issues ?

    I'm using pfSense pptp vpn server, dhcp, dns forwarder, ssh, ftp proxy disabled, pooling, few ports forwarded to my LAN.

    Any ideas what could be the issue ? I'm having the same issues with M0n0wall. I was using IpCop 1.4.10 for some time and everything was ok  :-\

  • If this is happening with m0n0 as well it's probably something about freebsd not liking your hardware or your hardware is broken. Run some checks on your hardware. I have a system at home that won't even boot any kind of freebsd (old acer desktop) which right panics at boot.

  • I have a few of those systems working fine as wireless gateways in a community setup.
    They only have it's onboard NIC (fxp) and an atheros (ath) card. Try to check IRQ's on the Bios and disable all things you don't need.

  • And get the latest BIOS you can find for them, then disable LPT, AUDIO, GAMEPORT, USB, COM etc. and reset Extended BIOS info and turn of "plug and pray".
    If it still doesn't work, grab some other HW.