DHCP Extended Options - LDAP Information

  • Hi there, I am new to your forum. But I sure was looking around a long time for a solution to my problem:

    I want to replace my IPCop-Firewall with this nice pfSense thing. But I need to pass some LDAP information to my DHCP clients.

    In IPCop I can add DHCP options and defined



    In your forum I found some advice to look in the docs for "hidden option" - but I couldn't find anything…  ???
    Need some help,

  • I would find this feature useful as well as I need to send some special options for VoIP phone autoconfiguration, but unfortunately it is not a supported feature.

    There's an old thread on the forum somewhere with a simple sourcecode modification to add a hidden config.xml option to support tftp-server-name, and it's what I've implemented at my site, but it's far from ideal. The patch is very simple and the thread suggests it was commited, but it doesn't appear in the current version. You can modify the suggested patch to support the option you need (and I think it needs to be moved up a couple lines, it goes directly after the 'subnet' line and before the 'pool {' line), just beware that upgrading pfSense will overwrite this change.

    This seems to be fairly often requested, it'd be nice to see some UI or even a hidden config.xml method to add arbitrary DHCP options. Basically a necessary feature for VoIP deployments, and useful for lots of other modern configurations as well.

  • Does anyone know if DHCP options are going to be implemented for version 2.0?  I could use it for some VoIP phones too.

  • tftp-server-name and some LDAP stuff seems to be added in 2.0, but no arbitrary configuration, at least so far.

  • Any news on this topic? Just upgraded to version 1.2.3 and no luck.. my promised bounty from January 2007 didn't help :-)

    Are there hidden options possible or is this a myth? We need SLP support (Option 78/79)

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