Little TCPDump frontend

  • Hi,

    I've developped a little frontend to interact with command line sniffer TCPDump.

    It's very simple:

    diag_tcpdump_start_stop.php: Page to Stop/Start/Restart tcpdump, it's similar to pfSense Status>Services page
    diag_tcpdump_start.php: Page that starts tcpdump and returns to diag_tcpdump_start_stop.php
    diag_tcpdump_stop.php: Page that stops tcpdump and returns to diag_tcpdump_start_stop.php
    diag_tcpdump_restart.php: Page that restarts tcpdump and returns to diag_tcpdump_start_stop.php
    diag_tcpdump.php: shows a listing of the files dumped by tcpdump, if you click any it downloads the file to the PC (if you have ethereal configured, it starts and loads the dumped file), Here, you could also delete unnecessary files

    Also, I've modified to add a link in the menu to the file listing.

    By the moment, you can't tell options to tcpdump execution, but I have plans to include the options to select an interface and a filter.

    If anyone is interested, I can send the files.



  • Send them over as attachments to and I'll check it out.  Thanks