Dlink DFE-530TX

  • Hi all,

    I ran into problems with Dlink DFE-530TX adapters. I tried three of these NICs on different PCs, they are detected by pfsense and installed with the vr driver (they're based on Via Rhine2 chip). I assign IP adresses on interfaces but no trafic at all !

    if i replace the dlink LAN interface with an intel one, i can access my pfsense from LAN but no WAN…

    If i put two intel or realtek 8139 adapters in my box, everything's OK, but no chance with dfe-530TX

    is someone already tried these NICs with pfsense ?

  • I have via rhine based nics at my via c3s and they are working without issues. Check your cables. You might need crossovercables somewhere depending where you plug them to.