Question on approach - Modifying captive portal - adding authentication method

  • Hello!
    My employer (a public library) has come to the conclusion that we must require our wireless patrons to authenticate using their library card.
    We use PFSense, PFSense has captive portal (Yay!), but our catalog software doesn't talk Radius.
    Our library software talks SIP2 (, so I'll happily embark on adding this authentication to PFSense captive portal.
    I've fleshed it out already, however I need –enable-sockets for PHP in order for my modifications to work.
    So, I'm thinking the obvious solution is to download ports, install php4-sockets, and then call it a day.
    However, I want this to be easier on the next library, so I'd rather have a more stock solution.  Can anyone advise on how they would
    read/write to a socket from within PFSense outside of my so called "obvious]" approach?

  • responding to my own message, to save someone else the trouble.  I rewrote my SIP2 lib without the need for –enable-sockets, and it works on a stock 1.2-RELEASE and 1.2.2. When I have it polished, I'll inquire about getting this formally added to pfSense.

  • I'm reviving this very old thread, as I still continue to get requests in regard to this patch.
    I've submitted my latest to be merged into 2.2 ->
    This is known to work with all versions of Evergreen, and with SirsiDynix (version unknown). It should work
    with any 3M SIP2 compliant ILS.

  • You will first need to execute the ICA/CCA (pick one). If you already have an account on the portal, you can login with it or you will need to create a new account:  (if you're signing as an individual)  (if you're signing on behalf of a corporation)

    without either of the above, chances are small to get your patch merged into main

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