Custom DNS Resolve

  • I run a few web sites behind the firewall. Unless I edit the host file on the machines Im not able to access the web sites from the internal network.

    Ive poked around & havnt seen an option to resolve my domains to my servers internal ip. Is there a way to do this? I can do custom dns resolve w/ my dsl modem but that does work any longer since Ive put pfsense into place.

  • Services DNS Forwarder allows for this.

  • Other option might be to use nat reflection (turn it on at system>advanced). This way your internal servers can be accessed by the public IP.

  • dns forwarder doesnt seem to work. I tried that before posting.

    I unchecked "disable nat redirect" & I had to reset pf as I couldnt accessing anything including pfsense.  ???

  • Both features work. There must be something you are doing wrong. Which version are your running? I also haven't experienced that the machine locks up for a long time (and it never locked up for me when enabling this feature yet).

  • 1.0 rc1

    The machine didnt lock up. Hooked up a monitor & just reset to factory so I probly do have something set wrong somewhere. Its not a major issue so will probly wait till next wk when I have some more time.

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