PPPoE is broken

  • Hello,

    Just noticed that somewhere after 6/6 builds, PPPoE won't come up while booting. Cfmd on both 7.2/8.0 based builds. Last PPPoE working build for 8.0-based is 0606-0221 and something before 6/21 build for 7.2-based. I gave up on nailing down and decided to stay on working build for the time being.  So be careful if you plan to move on to a newer builds. Apologies for rush/useless and WOB.


  • I just found why:

    it has to to with the tcpmssfix

    i ran mpd on  the console and got the following error:

    can't create tcpmss node at "bypass"->"inet": No such file or directory
    [pppoeclient] IfaceNgIpInit() error, closing IPCP
    [pppoeclient] IPCP: parameter negotiation failed
    [pppoeclient] IPCP: state change Opened –> Stopping
    [pppoeclient] IPCP: SendTerminateReq #5

    If i disable tcpmssfix in /etc/vpn/inc/interfaces.inc (line 1717) like this:
            $mpdconf .= <<<eod<br>        set iface {$ondemand} on-demand
            set iface idle {$idle}
            #set iface enable tcpmssfix
            set iface up-script /usr/local/sbin/ppp-linkup
            set iface down-script /usr/local/sbin/ppp-linkdown

    It starts working again…</eod<br>

  • Hello,

    I too confirmed tcpmssfix kills me instantly. Don't know why it happens 'cos same mpd4 same conf but never accept that option which been working for years…anyways, just got rid of PPPoE then started seeing that sshd hesitate to start due to some "symbol" is missing in /libexec/ld-elf.so.1, replacing shared object and/or sshd from newer builds neither help. Does happen on 7.2 based build too.


  • Try next builds i added the missing options.

  • ermal,

    Thank you always. I will grab something new.


  • Hi,

    the latest 7.2-based build still has this issue so I have to comment it out but without tcpmssfix enabled, accessing msn/yahoo/google, and many sites are too sluggish. It is fixed in recent 8.0-based builds but sshd service won't come up, and last 3-4 builds are not seem to be built correctly.


  • when will this be fixed? please let us know when it's fixed (pppoe not working with latest release 7.2).INstallation was also difficult with CF (I had to retry a few times while installing)

  • I get this same issue with PPTP connects, not just PPoE.  Of course, it's 'mpd' that's the problem;

    –-reverse order---
    Jul 23 10:14:02 mpd: [pt0] IPCP: parameter negotiation failed
    Jul 23 10:14:02 mpd: [pt0] IfaceNgIpInit() error, closing IPCP
    Jul 23 10:14:02 mpd: can't create tcpmss node at "bypass"->"inet": No such file or directory
    Jul 23 10:14:02 mpd: [pt0] IFACE: Up event
    Jul 23 10:14:02 mpd: x.x.x.16 -> x.x.x.2
    Jul 23 10:14:02 mpd: [pt0] IPCP: LayerUp

    IPCP UP, Oh, wait..., never mind....

    Same thing happens for PPPoE or PPTP for me.
    L2TP and IPSec (with the Shrew client) aren't an option for me because my users (and management) would rather use the pretty windows "Add Network Connection" wizard and just "loooooove" PPTP (even though that same connection type can do L2TP).  Don't ask, I stopped fighting it long ago....

    So is this issue currently on Ermal's radar?  Or anyone elses?

    Thanks for listening.

  • Actually read that thread, plus many, many others.  And the last post was a week old.  So nothing's going to be resolved until 1.2.3 goes golden, primary 2.0 development goes to FreeBSD-8, and/or something along those lines.  That's what I needed.  Time to set up mpd on a freebsd box and just use that for the time being then.

    Thanks anyway.

  • Assume you're living on 7.2-based build, then the best you can do is to get a FreeBSD ISO of 7.2 and copy /boot/kernel/ng_tcpmss.ko in /boot/kernel of your box.


  • @nocer:

    …living on 7.2-based build...

    As am I…  I've seen much info, now that I'm getting caught back up with recent pfSense news, about the new 8.0-based builds, but they seem not to exist.  Any news on when they'll actually become available, or where they can be found?

    That asked, I've copied the ng_tcpmss.ko into place, and this allows me to bring up the PPPoE iface.  However, at random, the iface just dies.  Might run for minutes, might run for hours, and then it just drops off, loses IP, and will not reconnect until disabled and re-enabled.  I've run this same modem and account on older pfSense rev's, ZeroShell, etc.  This is the first I've experienced of this.  Since, I've run the ZeroShell VM again, for a few hours, and it does NOT experience any issue.  Is there anything that can be done about this?

    edit: minor misspelling correction, additional info...

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