Time schedule down

  • Greets,
    I asked before about time schedule logic and i was told that it will be changed at final release of 2.0!
    Now when I append any firewall rule to a schedule the whole system act weirdly and I cant login neither from gui nor ssh,  I cant even login from the pfsense box itself.
    I reinstalled three snapshots - last one is 20090620-1700 -, with the same happening each time I use schedule

    BTW… you're doing a great job.. keep it up... really

  • Might you have messed up the schedule?!
    It works a little differently.

  • I know it's different…
    when i use it as i described i can't boot pfsense -to completion-, i think it's not fault firewall setting issue :-\

  • Can you check with a recent snapshot.

  • Sorry for being sooooooooo late …
    it's workink since july..
    many thanks

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