Load balancing/fail-over + traffic shaping + proxy/squid

  • hello guys,

    sorry if this post going wrong room….

    can pfsense 1.2.2 do combining load balancer + traffic shaper + proxy in one box ?

    i had try traffic shaper + proxy in 1 WAN , it work, but then, i setup multi-wan for load balance, than the shaper and proxy going wrong.

    it look like the proxy confuse between 2 WAN gateway (coz round-robin?), sometimes the multiwan work, sometimes not... :(

    but when i disabled proxy in LAN, the load balance work like charm...

    is it a problem/bug or is it can't combine load balance and proxy in one box ???


  • after searching for a night, i found this http://doc.pfsense.org/index.php/Troubleshoot_Outbound_Load_Balancing_Issues

    it said,

    Squid doesn't seem to be using both connections
    You are right, at this stage (1.0.1 plus February 2007 updates), Squid (and most other packages) don't understand load balancing, and will just use the WAN connection. 

    so, if there a OPT1/WAN2 connection, will squid just bypass it ? or just get some error ?

  • no anyone experience this??

    advice need pls

  • i tried my new configuration in pfsense 1.2.2 with multi-wan + Proxy, and it worked.
    i'm not using traffic shaper for now

    my problem is, when the load balance have 2 WAN Green Status, the proxy worked, LAN can browsing the net.
    but when it fail-over to 1 WAN, the proxy not work and the LAN cant browsing anymore.

    any enlightment please?

  • stop hoping that what you want is able to run for now…
    like what you said by yourself squid can't handle load balancing. it's absolutely right.
    hope the next squid can handle it.

  • thanks 4 your reply,

    you don't get what i meant before, i tried squid can work with load balance, but it can't work with fail-over…..

  • can you show me your configuration?

    I think that fail over is Load balancing part (nessecary for load balancing).

  • which part do u want ?

    i will capture the screen and post it here…. hope that can help u out....

  • firewall and services loadbalancing… sorry for bothering...

  • sorry 4 my late reply,

    it take times to go to client side for a screenshot

    so here they r :

    firewall rule

    service load balancer


    status load-balancer


    hope it will help…

  • thanks for the reply…

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