100% cpu usage with syslogd

  • Current pfsense machine:
    Dell PowerEdge 1550
    PIII 733mhz
    1gig ram
    2x18gig sca2 w/perc (raid 1)
    lan link is the onboard intel nic
    wan link is a 3com 905c series
    running RC1…current build as of 17 days ago

    After running for about 15 days of uptime, I noticed some intermitant problems with dropped packets and ping spikes but ignored it at first. About an hour later couldn't get outside the firewall, checked the webGUI and was reporting 100% cpu usage instead of the normal 2%ish. checked top and was reporting syslogd was using 98% cpu usage.

    Running with a dozen rules and five port-forwards. PPTP server is running and using radius authentication.
    Pretty basic setup.

    After restarting the box the cpu usage was fixed but wouldn't browse, repatched the wan link cable to the system and everything is fine now. Anyone else experiance syslogd crashing like this?

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