Dual WAN 1:1 NAT Issue

  • RELENG_1_SNAPSHOT-07-12-2006

    I have a very simple setup.  2 T1s, one with a full Class C and another with a /27.  I need to do 1:1 NAT for a few servers on both WAN links.  I can get all of the servers to NAT properly on the WAN link but I can't seem to get the 1:1 to work on the WAN1 interface.  All of the internal servers are on the same LAN subnet.  I can ping and tracert from WAN1 in the diagnostics, so the link is good…

    The servers that are supposed to be 1:1 on WAN1 go out with the WAN interface address and inbound traffic isn't completely working.  I can telnet to the SMTP port of the WAN1 address and issue commands but ithe server will not acept any mail...

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • I doubt that can be easily done with 1:1 NAT (first match wins and that is the match for WAN). You probably need portforwards from WAN to the internal servers and from WAN1 to the internal servers. In this case the state will handle which connection is used for the answer.

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