3 NICs, 1 WAN, 2 Bridged as LAN?

  • I have a running pfsense box, and what I want to do is add a third NIC to hang the server that sits next to it off of. Right now they have a crappy little four port switch connecting them, and I'd like to turn it off, but I'd rather not have it setup so I have to route to the server and change it's IP etc…

    So more or less I would like a WAN <-> LAN(a bridge of two cards in the same subnet).

    Is this possibly? I'm from a Linux backgroung so I'm a bit shaky on BSD's capabilities to accomplish this and maintain firewalling, traffic shaping etc... This project is fantastic, and it makes me want to learn more about BSD.



  • Besides that traffic shaping won't work in bridge mode it is doable. Bridge LAN to WAN and enable filtering bridge at system>advanced. We have a nice tutorial online that describes just what you want to do: http://pfsense.com/mirror.php?section=tutorials/transparent_firewall/transparent_firewall.pdf

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