WAN DHCP request fails.

  • I have version 1.2.2 running connected to a cable modem and have experienced the following problem. After a power blackout the machine is set to start when power returns, so both the cable modem and the pfsense box start again. However the pfsense box restarts faster then the cable modem can make connection to my isp so DHCP fails.

    My question is why does pfsense not make another dhcp request when it detects that no ip adress was given on it's last attempt. I waited for more then 1 hour but it simply does not retry. Is there a setting that enables this? Even the crappy router i used before pfsense tryed every 2 minutes when the WAN did not have a valid ip adres. It even had a 'watchdog' that tryed to ping some configurable adresses on the internet to test if te connection was still valid and if not you could choose if it did another dhcp request or reboot the entire router.

    Reason i ask is when i am not at home and a power blackout occurs, i cannot fix this remote because there is no connection at all when pfsense does not have a valid ip adress :P And i will have to drive home to get things running again, and driving home is not always an option ::)

  • Are you using the packet capture mechanism to verify that it is indeed not sending any more discover messages?

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