Where is captive portal user account database?

  • Hello Dear,
    Where is the captive portal users account database  ?

    I add sms auth. user page.
    I edit /cf/config/config.xml add a user but I dont see captive portal users page  ???

    Thanks for realtion

  • Its a file under /var/db.
    But it is edited by the code in captiveportal.inc.

    Please post the diff you have here so i can help you…

  • does anyone know the exact file name?

    Im trying to write a php script that generates new users and am trying to figure out how pfsense does it in the first place.

  • ok… so its called captiveportal.db....  :-[

    however, i opened shell on my pfsense box and ran…
    [b]find / -name captiveportal.db

    it found it at first… but now its not there? does it get deleted every time you disable the captive portal?

  • maybe something to do with the file being locked/unlocked?

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