D-Star System

  • Hello,

    For those of you who may be interested, Icom has a radio system called D-Stars that employs a repeater system with a Internet Gateway for communications locally, regionally, and global. Simplex communication is also utilized.

    Using the ID-1 (1.2ghz) mobile radio, users can utilize high speed data connection of 128kbps to send email, surf the web, or perhaps for those who are thinking a bit further, have your technicians in the field update your customer services database in real time instead of filling out papers that get lost in the field or on the way back to the office.


  • Be aware that D-Star is almost exclusively used for Amateur Radio.  Anyone planning to use the Icom ID-1 (at least in the US) will need an Amateur Radio license and no commercial and/or encrypted traffic of any form can be transmitted on the amateur radio frequencies.

    Icom does offer the IDAS system which is designed for business use and provides much of the same functionality.

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