Php version and extensions

  • What is the current php version?  It looked like php 5 was added then removed. 
    Second part is what are the extensions that have been added to pfsense.

    I see a lot php examples checking for certain functions and versions. Since pfsense is a single platform it wouln't make much sense in building robustness around these areas because all installations should be the same based on the pfsenes version.

  • php4.

    php5 is in -HEAD, not RELENG_1 (1.0).

  • Guess I wanted to know if  Zip and Rar php functions were present.  Zip needed ZZIPlib library or PECL extensions. Rar I am not sure about.

  • RAR is not but PECL should be.

  • What about GD2 extension? Very usefull for making some graphics, used in many free PHP based statistics modules.
    Or it will take too many resources?

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