DHCP server in pfsense in WDS enviroment

  • hello folks!
    another problem here :)
    ive set up pfsense as my primary gateway and it works preatty well except one thing.
    i have mixed network, some parts are wired and some are wireless, my acces points are linksys wrt54g
    all wired & wireless clients connected to ap's get the correct ip from pfsense box dhcp service,
    the only problem is that i have some buildings witch are connected through ap-client feature
    ( planet wap-4000 ) in WDS, simply it looks like this:

    <pfsense>–<wired lan="">---<linksys wrt54g="" ap="">---<planet wap-4000="" ap-client="" in="" wds="" mode="">--- <wired lan2="">the problem is that clients in wired LAN2 share the same mac ( witch is really wap-4000 mac ) but have different ip's,
    and cannot get proper ip from pfsense box, its really strange because before pfsense, ive been using openbsd as my
    primary dhcp server and wds clients could get proper ip from it, am i doing something wrong? whats wrong with
    pfsense dhcp server that makes this difference? i could provide configs if needed. HELP PLEASE...</wired></planet></linksys></wired></pfsense>

  • There have been some discussions regarding macadresses of clients behind wrtg routers/APs on the m0n0 list as this breaks captive portal. The conclusion was that there some of the alternate firmwares or special versions of these don't handle this properly. Please serche the m0n0 mailinglist for this discussion. As far as I can recall this atm somebody did test quite several alternative firmwares and versions for this bug/glitch.

  • yes, but how you explain that openbsd dhcp server works ok in my configuration? it should be some differences in configuration that
    prevents wds clients to properly get ip's…

  • We do not use OpenBSD's DHCPD.  We use ISC's DHCPD.

  • any chances to change it in the feature? openbsd's dhcp is known for its hardcore security…

  • There are no immediate plans to do so.  I suggest posting a bounty.

  • The problem here is not WDS, it is only related to the AP-Client mode. WDS mode works like a LAN network

    try to use bridged mode if you have this possibility

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