UK - BT Business Broadband help with multiple ip's

  • wasted quite a bit of time with this now and getting nowhere so the hands out asking for help and advice.
    we have BT business broadband and a range of 5 static ips. the way BT works with this is to give the router/modem a dynamic ip (which changes quite a bit) to which the five statics are mapped.

    so i've put my linksys modem into bridge mode and the wan side of pfsense gets the dynamic ip from BT.
    the lans on pfsense can access the internet no problem with firewall rules enabled.
    so, as far as i know, i then put my static ip's in as virtual ip's on pfsense.
    i then go to nat and put an outbound nat rule, say > which i would imagine makes everything on the lan appear to come from wan ip
    problem is..... it still appears to come from the dhcp assigned ip from the isp (BT)
    i also cannot port redirect to anything on the

    so, i'm stuck. tried every combination but to not avail. any help would be appreciated.

  • finally…..
    the issue was with BT. when we signed on, they gave us a username and password. they then followed this up with a different username and password, so we had 2 acccounts doh!
    when we tried to log on, the orginal account wouldn't log on so we tried the 2nd account and it worked.
    we then asked for a static ip which they said was working etc. but we couldn't get it to route etc.
    so after hours on the phone and getting up to top level support, turns out that we shouldn't have been able to use the 2nd account. in fact, they couldn't believe we were actually logged on using an account that shouldn't be in use.
    so we then logged on with the original account (which we couldn't do originally) and bang.... static ip's are now matched etc.
    BT........ !!!!!

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