File locations

  • It has been a long time since I last developed for a Unix shell.  (Current a DB application developer) (really tired of lame hardware firewalls).
    My questions are for packages what would be the standard places for files on the file system.
    My guesses are

    • /usr/ for temporary files since this is a ram disk partition.

    • /usr/pkgname/log for logfiles

    • /usr/pkgname/tmp for temp files

    • /var/ for permanent fiiles.

    • /var/pkgname/ for shell scripts, additional php, inc, other runtime junk to be kept between reboots.

    • /etc/ should be kept out of for packages??

  • /usr/local/bin|sbin          <–- third party applications
    /usr/local/etc/              <--- third party conf files
    /etc                            <--- system conf files
    /usr/local/pkg/              <--- pfSense CoreGUI files

    Our package system basically bootstraps FreeBSD binary packages with a XML layer giving us the additional capabilities of pfSense such as the webConfigurator.

    Have a look at for more information.

  • Yes got the GUI and FreeBSD binaries concepts.  I was just looking at the other packages and noting the different locations. 
    Thanks what I wanted.  I was asking about for a place to dump files downloaded from an URL then converted for use.

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