Double WAN, Double Lan, Help needed please.

  • I am taking a second attempt at setting up a pfSense firewall on our network as i now have a new  ESXI box to load an image onto, however i am having issues working out the correct IP/Subnet settings for our setup, which is a follows.

    WAN1 = PPPOA connection (BT), with adsl modem in bridge mode and authentication being done from pfSense, this works well, and the port get's a correct IP address of** with a subnet of and Gateway of, via DHCP.

    LAN = Static assigned IP of, subnet, No DHCP, This is an SBS 2003 Network, SBS does DHCP and sets it's Gateway to

    em0(WAN2) = Fully bridged PPPoA connection (BE Broadband) with manually assigned static ip of 93.96.174.**, Subnet of, Gateway of (This works fine when connected directly to a PC/SBS Server)

    em1(WLAN) = Static ip of, Subnet, this runs through to a wireless access point, it also had DHCP enabled with gateway set to

    Oh so that's the connections, now what i have done to set it up is as follows.

    Set the system DNS servers to be open-dns ( and, disabled DNS server list override, and enables DNS forwarding.

    In firewall rules, i have created an all pass rule for WAN2 that matches the already existing WAN1 rule, then i have added three Load Balancing rules as follows,

    Protocol:All, Source:LAN net, Port:All, Destination:WAN1, Gateway:
    Protocol:All, Source:LAN net, Port:All, Destination:WAN2, Gateway:
    Protocol:All, Source:LAN net, Port:All, All, Gateway:LoadBalance

    Then i have setup three Load Balancing groups, as follows.

    Name: LoadBalance, Type: Gateway/Balance, Servers/Gateways: wan/opt1, Monitor:,
    Name: Wan1FailToWAN2, Type: Gateway/Failover, Servers/Gateways: opt1, Monitor:
    Name: Wan2FailToWAN1, Type: Gateway/Failover, Servers/Gateways: wan, Monitor:

    Then i have changed the Outbound NAT to Manual, and added the following Rules.
    Interface:WAN, Source:, Source Port:, Detination:, Destination Port:, Nat Address:, Nat Port:* , Static:NO
    Interface:Internet1, Source:, Source Port:, Detination:, Destination Port:, Nat Address:, Nat Port:* , Static:NO

    So now, when i go and view the Load Balancer status, all of the groups show as "Online" but they are orange, not green. But i do have net access.

    If i disconnect Wan1, it shows as Red and down on Load Balancer status, but i have no internet access. If i disconnect Wan2, it shows as Red and down and i do have net access.

    From pfSense diagnostics i can ping from Wan1, but from Wan2 i get 100% packet loss.

    So the big question, what the hell am i doing wrong, i find the tutorial in the Wiki quite confusing and difficult to follow as it is aimed at people using routers going into pfSense on a DMZ, whereas i am using bridging, therefor in all the descriptions about setting up the interfaces i am at a bit of a handicap as i don't have a router ip address to use, i assume for this i need to use the ISP's gateway, but not 100% sure.

    If any of that is not clear (which it probably isn't, sorry) or you need any more info, please let me know!!!!

    Thanks for reading!!


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