How to keep large files updates for longer time in squid

  • hi

    i installed and updated macafee antivirus for one of my client and updated to the latest release, then i installed for another client a minute after the first client, the 1st one took like 20 minutes for update and the 2nd one took few seconds only, 2 weeks later i installed and updated for 3rd client, but the update took 20 minutes again, my question is:

    1- how to keep updates for longer period in the hard drive?
    2- is it possible to let the cached file keep updating itself so it is there when needed?


  • My answer to that would be to possibly make a script that pulls in that file once a day (say at 7:30am or so) or every couple days - whatever suits your squid settings and usage.

    I'm no squid expert, I'm sure there are ways to force content to stick around longer.  Hopefully someone else can offer suggestions to that effect.

    Keep in mind that if these files include virus definitions, they are likely updated daily or so anyways, so you wouldn't want to keep the stale ones in cache anyways.  A quick install of out-dated virus definitions would be pretty much useless.

  • refresh_pattern feature plus override-expire and much more.
    Its old version by the way.

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