IPCop<–>Pfsense vpn...

  • I have established an IPCop to Pfsense site to site VPN and it seems to be connected just fine. however, i cannot access any of my client computers. i cannot ping them. all i can ping is the router. is there something i'm missing?


    P.S.–>I really enjoy Pfsense! Great job! I've installed several of these at various business and have had 0 problems to date! Great work!

  • I can't say anything about the IPCOP end but the pfSense end should work if you have traffic allowed incoming at your local interface to destination remote subnet (for example default LAN to any should be enough if you created a tunnel to connect a remote subnet with your local LAN subnet). You don't need rules for incoming traffic as we can't filter incoming IPSEC traffic yet (at least not in 1.0, we have this working in head already).

  • bla4free,
    Just curious if you could elaborate on how you set that up?
    I'm trying to do the same thing, where PFsense has a public IP and the IPcop box in question does not.


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