Speed test

  • Hello, is there a way to test the speed of my WAN directly from pfsense?

    We just got a 10mb line and we are not getting the speed to clients from different speed test sites.

    I want to see if it is my pfsese that is causing the slow down with my config

    I am running Pfsens 1.2.2 like this
    Wan opt1, cable modem 10up 1 down
    lan opt2, 100mb switch to lan
    No error in interface for lan and wan

    I am running Squid-squid guard
    Open VPN
    DHCP, imspector, darkstat

  • Hm. I cant think of a way…

    But I'm currently working on running additional, native BSD programs on PFsense (and communicating remotely with the console via web gui). 
    If I / you can achieve THAT, then certainly, there would be a program available to test the speed (a native BSD program).
    So - thats one PROSPECTIVE way I suppose.

    But I can offer much else in that line - perhaps someone else can.

  • You can pull your router out of service and set up a couple iperf nodes to test how much your router can handle.  That said, you've got umpteen packages installed which can all contribute to your line slowness.  Be aware of that and test both with and without the packages installed.

  • Unless your ISP hosts a speed test site, it's unlikely you'll consistently (or ever) max out a connection > 5 Mbps. Speed test sites are poor ways to test higher connection speeds.

  • I've seen pretty good results with Speakeasy's speed test on as high as 10meg symmetric connections.


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