Help with outbound NAT

  • Hello Guys!

    Pfsense is a really nice firewall with alot of nice features. The only problem is that I can't configure it properly :) I need some help to explain how this manual outbound NAT is working. I'm trying to get a dual wan setup working for a  friends company. They have ftp, httpserver (iis), vnc, Ts running behind the pf. The problem is that I don't really know how to config pf to route some spec traffic through WAN1 and then the rest on WAN2.
    Today I would like to have HTTP&FTP on WAN1 and then the rest on WAN2. Also I have some problem connect to an external ftp server. Sometimes it works sometime it not.

    I've tried alot of guides recommended from this forum. But noting work like I want it to :)

    So…how does it work, what kinda rules do I need to make for ex ftp work? And also to force ftp through wan1.

    Thanks in advance!

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